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Pronunciation: ˈtwē-kə-ˈnä-mə-trē
Function: noun

Etymology: “tweak” probably alteration of Middle English twikken to, from Old English twiccian (verb) first used: 1601 + “trigonometry” New Latin trigonometria, from Greek trigōnon + -metria –metry (noun) first used: 1614

: the first-hand study of the properties of methamatics tweakonometric dysfunctions and of their applications
Shaswisha: Girl, when do you go on “The Judge Mathis Show?”
Whitnay: Oh, hell to da no! I’ve been on “Oprah!” OPRAH! Do I look like I’m desperate to be on TV? Do I???
Shaswisha: It ain’t about that, girl! What if you lose? I mean, you’d be out over $4,300!
Whitnay: Child, please! Tweakonometry ain’t gonna hold water in court. Justice may be blind, but she ain’t stupid! I'm guessin' $2,500, max! This is my land! MY LAND!!!
by Shaswisha Charice Jenkins November 22, 2012

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