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term coined by A. Colin Flood, writing for, to describe hobbyists who fiddle with their home music systems.
" An audiophile is not merely someone that says has "ardent interest in stereo or high-fidelity sound reproduction." An audiophile is someone who wants to do something about the flaws and deficiencies in their home entertainment system, whether it is about the music or the movies.

A tweaking audiophile is someone who wants to make some or all of those improvements themselves. (This term derives from a caustic description applied to myself. As in the time when an annoyed salesman said, "what are you anyway, some sort of xxxing audiophile?" His expletive evolved in print to "frigging," which lead to "freaking" and then to "tweaking." And, there you have it. Lemonade, from lemons.)"
#freaking #frigging #fiddling #tweaky #tweaker #golden ear #critic
by Acolin July 22, 2010
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