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The act of taking place in a 2-3 day methamphetamine (speed, crank, ice, glass)binge, said during the weekend, as thought to be clever. Also see bender.
"Yeah, I just bought a big bag of meth, im going to have a crazy tweakend!"
by F.E.R.B. September 07, 2005
When you do meth on a friday and you stay up till sunday constantly hitting the pickle, or snorts with $ bills. However you decide to do it just make sure its on a tweakend.
TGIF I love tweakends!
by tweakerbird69 July 12, 2009
An album by Crystal Method.
We were listening to Tweakend for three days straight.
by starspun9 September 01, 2006
the act of tweaking out on the weekend. A tweakend starts saturday night around 10 pm and ends sunday night around that time.
pick up a dub sack or a 30-sack, find a spot, party up with a couple of fat lines now and another couple of fat lines around 3 am save some to share with another. party on by going to a club, or a walkabout all night.
i be smoking a gang of kush at the skatepark on saturday that i get so much euphoria that i end up pulling a tweakend saturday night after the park closes.
by skaterjack October 05, 2006
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