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someone who is so amazingly annoying that we had to make up a new word to desrcibe them
dan cohen is the biggest fucking twat waffle ive ever seen, so i bitch slapped that ho
by dragonslayer1111 January 16, 2003
188 167
a derogatory term used to describe any nasty person, especially someone of sorted character.
Christina is certainly a twat waffle. She has the worst disposition and constantly uses people.
by diabloceto June 23, 2007
59 57
someone who is just a total bitch
Rolando is such a fucking twat waffle
by thenydondada December 10, 2013
2 1
Term of derision, along the lines of douche bag. Can be used when joking with friends as well. This word was in use in Bucks County, PA as early as 1990 by high school kids.
"Listen twat waffle, I'm gonna kick your teeth in." - unfriendly
"Yo twat waffle, come grab a beer." - friendly
by TommyG21 April 08, 2010
92 91
another word for the folds of skin of a woman's vagina,
that just blows me away.... the amount of visuals... that the term "twat waffles" brings up....
by Mozes March 13, 2005
24 23
a useless human being. (non gender specific) the kids are saying this nowadays instead of douche bag.
Jeremy, stop being such a twat waffle.
by Sacul Iksok September 27, 2007
231 231
a person (usually a female) who is an etreme bitch. cam also be used synonymously with trick, whench, cock-block, ect.
My ex-girlfriend is being a twat-waffle with my new girlfriend, that cock-block.
by brennan "Juggernaut" hensley September 16, 2007
12 13