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The item served with a verbal slap to the face and a side order of curly pubic fries.
"I didn't order this, you twatburger!"
by The Mitchell January 04, 2005
29 15
Another phrase if you have already used plastic bag of douche...
"Tracy is such a twat burger"
"Yea, you dont want to eat her though, she has STD sauce"
by Kevin Hackler July 23, 2006
48 23
A total bitch who thinks she knows it all, is selfish, and thinks she is hot when really she is a fat, bloated, dumb broad.
Look at that stupid twat burger, she is such a bitch.
by Deek Slater November 26, 2007
15 8
A twat in which the lips are the buns and ur dick is the meat and what ever else u can fit in!!
That twat burger was amazing for lunch!!
by greg gill May 18, 2008
5 9
a popular food in the middle east made from twats collected from cheating bitches who have been stoned to death
shame about the dead bitch but she did suck her neighbours cock but at least I'll be able to have a twat burger tonight
by Sirtokalott January 05, 2008
9 18
A burger that is twatful and..........shut up.
MAn you are such a twat burger!!!
by anonymous September 12, 2003
8 31