literally, a bucket of twats. also, a person who is a fucking pussy or whatnot.
"You're a fucknig twatbucket."
by AJ 187 September 28, 2003
Top Definition
twat bucket - 1)derogatory name for someone, usually female, who behaves like such a twat, it's necessary to add the word "bucket" for emphasis to make it even nastier. 2)derogatory term for someone who is more than just a twat, she's nastier than a twat, she is as nasty as the bucket twats are carried in. 3) a very absorbent feminine hygiene product
example: 1) Did you hear what Sue said about that poor woman?
Yes, she can be such a twat bucket!!!

2)(driving in traffic) That stupid twat bucket cut me off!
(at work) I HATE my new boss!!! She's such a twat bucket!!!

3) "Man, my period is so heavy, I need a twat bucket!!!
by DestinyThorne February 03, 2011
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