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A poorly made up portmanteau word. It's made up from "twitter - party". A twarty usually needs a theme. It's where people, erm, "hang out" on twitter and tweet mostly about the said theme.

For one thing, you can tweet your questions and the twarty's host will answer them. The good thing is, it'a a lot harder to feel awkward in a twarty, and you can easily twarty hard.

However, the word twarty, is well and truely awkawrd and lame.
Example 1:
#Nick: You been to the Ugly Americans twarty ?

#Deepika: Dude, Ugly Americans is a great show, But a twarty? Come on.

Example 2:

Teacher in a sex-ed class: Now all you people should go to Agony aunt Jane's twarty. It's totally cool and all, because, you know, it's on twitter.

Teen in the class: *throws up*. Oh no.
by dnilim110 March 26, 2010
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