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A firm, donut shaped pillow, worn around the penis. This is used to reduce the extreme pressures of bumping on the pelvic area during crazy intercourse.
This is especially helpful when a girl is lacking in the rear.

In other words, a twankle is a "cushion for pushin"
Careful guy: Dude, I got this girl to come to my house later!
His friend: Oh sweet are you going to fuck her?
Careful guy: Yeah but shes really skinny, and I just pulled my groin, so im gonna buy a twankle.
by Necrosin April 10, 2010
7 3
Alternative spelling and pronunciation of the word "Twinkle."
Shine, bright, reflect.

"When the light hits my ice it twankles and glistens!"
by ScrooLewse November 22, 2012
2 0
vagina (when used in prose or poetry)
Back in the day, you wore dresses down to your ankle; now they're so short, I can almose see your twankle.
by Bobby Rush July 27, 2004
5 14