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a nasty cooter full of green discharge
Jenny got a nasty twaco!
by jizz November 23, 2003
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1. A twaco is a vagina, that has the attributes or smell of a taco, fajitas, chimitty-changa or Kasa-dilla. It may also look like ground beef that was dropped in a pile of pubes.

2. A mean person.
"Wow she's being a twaco." "Yeah Jane, and she smells like one too."
by UnkleLego February 19, 2014
A complimentary term for the vagina of a Mexican female. Better suited for women who have aromatic smelling vaginas. Sometimes a woman can have a twaco with salsa. Yummy!
Jose is a dirty wetback, he likes his twaco with salsa.
Mary likes to feed her twacos to her dog.
by DJ PapaSquat May 18, 2011
twitter + taco = twaco
Have you checked out Twaco's latest update?!
by the twac April 26, 2009

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