someone or something that is slutty, whoreish, or a bitch
Julianna and Mike are such tuts, it makes me so mad!

Wow look at her skirt!, its so tut!
by Jen, Lorrana, Lauren, Lindsey November 07, 2007
A short expression for a laugh - An audio version of "LOL"
>Why'd the chicken cross the road?
<I dunno
>To get to the other side
>Tut, dude that was almost funny.
by Loserwithnoshoes November 10, 2003
TUT- a tut is a term used for the area of the larger womans body (her chest and gut) is one UNIT. it will look like one large round ball.
OMG! Look at that TUT its huge.
by dsd June 23, 2004
When you tut, are tutted, or are simply tutting around. Orginates from the latin word "tutusem", meaning, tut.
- tutter!
- god, gertrude is such a tut
- sometimes, i like to make tutalicious no bake pooks!
A noticeable object or piece of food caught in your teeth. It's usually very apparent when you smile. It is usually easily removed with a fingernail or swish of water.
After dinner, I looked at my girlfriend and smiled. She looked at me funny and then pointed to her tooth and said:
"You have a tut"
by Essex Grub December 27, 2004
vagina female sexual organ
"my tut hurts from all that slamming you gave me last night"
by kleecker June 02, 2004
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