While having sex and right before the man is about to ejaculate, he takes his penis out, points it into the air above the partners head, and ejaculates all over her.
"tonight, can you show me how to turtle dove?"

"Babe, i am going to turtle dove tonight..."
by Bob Bobby Bobbyman March 06, 2009
Top Definition
an affectionate name for someone you truly care about and would take bullets for. A person whom you would sing songs to or lullabies and could never imagine a world without that person you truly adore.

a name for a grandmother, mother, great uncle, sister or brother, a best friend. etc.
I sing songs to my daughter before she goes to sleep.

Me too! I call her my turtledove. And sing to her Butterfly Kisses.
by ninjadrew:) December 30, 2010
A turd unexpectedly pops out but full defecation has not occured. You haven't soiled yourself but extra wiping may be required.
I almost had a shart, thank goodness it was only a turtledove.
by YoJimmy November 05, 2006
When someone is so breathtaking, you can only describe them by comparing them to an imaginary creature.
"She was absolutely gorgeous, it was like she had the form of a turtledove"
by LibraLebron_3X April 30, 2016
To steal an idea, cause you suck balls too much to think of ideas yourself.
WTF! Some shitty writer turtledove'd my ideas.
by flscarlet January 01, 2011
how a Rashiburger makes me feel sometimes
Rashi gave me a kiss and now I feel like a turtledove! :D
by Owenburger December 07, 2004
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