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Someone of utter incompetence. Originally The nickname once given by the UK press to former England soccer manager Graham Taylor along with the famous image of the root vegetable superimposed on his head.
Headline: Swedes 1 Turnips o
He's another bloody turnip head!
by #Pezza# January 13, 2008
The awesome, lovable scarecrow in Howl's Moving Castle.
He is much better as a turnip than as a prince!
I was so annoyed when they turned Turnip Head into a prince at the end of the movie!
by CattheMagical January 19, 2014
THE coolest word ever.
I mean you can use it in any context whether good or bad.
1) When you're realy happy about something
2) When you're angry about something
3) When you're well pissed off at someone
1) omg i love you! you're such a Turniphead!!!!
2)oh fuck off you Turniphead!
3) omg i got more maths hw. Mr. Smith is such a turniphead!
by Jstar! May 06, 2007
Someone with a head shaped like a brussel spout
he looks like a turniphead - the gay there that has a head shaped exactly like a brussel sprout
by Chav January 08, 2005
A head shaped like a turnip.
Jane: Did you talk to that guy Bill last night? He's a real turnip head.
Jenny: What's a "turnip head"
Jane: Someone who has a head like that guy Bill at the party last night.
by OblateSpheroidWithAnEqBulge September 16, 2015

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