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Tommo is the host of the rare species of turnerous leech. The Turner clings on to Tom and follows him everywhere he goes in a 'sheep' or 'leech' like manner. In a way The Turner is Tommo's 'Bitch'
"Oh Dear God no! The turnerous leech infestant has set upon me... Argh Christ on a bike !!!"
by Old Boy George May 09, 2003
(noun) the host of a turner leech. though in most cases the turner becomes so attached to the host that it depends upon it entirely and does whatever he/she says whenever they say it. like a bitch in a way!
"haha you are a turnerous leech infestant now what are you gonna do punk??"
"probably make him clean my shoes dude!!!"
by dan is my slave!! May 06, 2003
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