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a damn fine chocolate bar, although original turkish delight- the jelly stuff they sometimes put nuts in, made in turkey - is not usually eaten with chocolate. 0r is ''rose flavoured'' but a fry's turkish delight tastes damn good.
goin shop, you want anythin?
reply - damn straight i do! A turkish delight please!
by turkishdelightlover June 18, 2005
A delicious kind of candy which you should definitely try when you visit Turkey. It is called "lokum" in Turkish. It is also used when talking about a beautiful woman.
She is a real turkish delight.
by Acelya May 20, 2007
1. a sweet confectionary food originating from turkey made from starch and sugar. variations include dates, pistachios and walnuts. can also be infused with rosewater, mastic and lemon. are finally coated in icing sugar and served.
2. considered the richest, sweetest and most loved confection in turkey and other parts of the world
3. a delightful and loving individual who shares identical qualities to a slice of turkish delight
1. wow this dessert tastes delicious. it must be turkish delight

2. this turkish delight is taking the world by storm! its divine

3. that charming person sitting by the lake is such a turkish delight
by sultanalover June 21, 2010
An unexpected surprise that occurs during a bisexual three-way in the shower when the participants get covered in female projectile ejaculate, semen and scat.
I was pounding my boyfriend Ivan in the shower while his friend Jayne was sucking him off and finger banging herself. I pulled out and we all came at once and fell into a heap on the shower floor covered in Turkish Delight.
by TBTara December 05, 2013
A jellyish, rectangular candy with powdered sugar on the outside.
In 'The Lion,The Witch, and The Wardrobe, youngest brother Edmund is offered magical turkish delights (his favorite candy) by the White Witch, who promises to give him more if he brings his sisters and brothers to her.
"Turkish delights are old people candies."
by Nastina August 08, 2005
A recipe really:
1) Shave your balls
2) Moisten said balls.
3) Coat thoroughly said balls in powdered sugar.
4) Offer said balls to be tea bagged.
Tea bagging is one thing, but tea bagging someones turkish delights is a real treat.
by Ottawa House October 12, 2006
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