dessert recipe

2 parts semen
1 part gelatin mix

mix ingredients thoroughly in according-sized bowl. follow gelatin mix instructions, using an ice cube tray as container in which to cool the turkish delights. prior to consumption, sprinkle powdered sugar on the treats.

useful when performing The Narnia
Yo what're those Turkish Delights for?- guy 1

I need them to Narnia this girl for april fools- guy 2
by Aslan the lion May 17, 2009
A name for a black woman by her boyfriend. Simply because she is dark on the outside, pink on the inside.
John: You should see my new black girlfriend, I call her my turkish delight.

Friend: Why?

John: She's dark on the outside, but pink on the inside!
by mikeoxlong17 July 29, 2010
Sugary, smelly and it is homemade, straight from the bowels. Where taste is concerned, knock yourself out!
Oops, I ate too many sweets, I feel terrible, well I'm looking foward to a turkish delight tonight!
by Captain Corned Beef March 29, 2009
A turkish delight is not the food but infact a used condom and range from being used or broken
Man last night i was so horny and a didnt have a condom so i used a turkish delight
by Shakezulia March 04, 2008
Often abbreviated to simply "Turkish"

adj. Rubbish, useless, worthless.
n. Excrement

From rhyming slang: Turkish Delight=Shite

see also pony barry white brad pitt eartha kitt et al
"I never drink in the Western, the beer's turkish delight"

"Pass me a copy of Razzle and the bong, Angelina, I'm off for a turkish, might be a while."
by Ultrahadeen April 30, 2008
A both surprising and fun way to have fun with your female lover. Before intercourse state that you must go out to get some condoms and lubricant, then place your own fecal matter into a brown paper bag and give it to her. Your partner will open it only to find a pile of feces inside, then take the bag and smash it on her head or face and scream, "Turkish Delight!"
I gave my girlfriend a Turkish Delight last night, I'll probably never see her again, but it was damn worth it.
by The Shotputters April 17, 2007
A twisted version of "The Blumpkin." A man performing oral sex on a female while she defecates.
"My girlfriend gave me a wicked Blumpkin last week and so I returned the favour with a Turkish Delight!"
by firewithfire July 15, 2006

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