Very powerful Rambo-like hero from Turkey. Usually Rambo kicks ass and then asks questions. This guy just kicks ass. He has the ability to break walls with bare hands, avoid any bullets even if a whole goddamn freaking army is shooting at him and of course to find grenades everywhere he goes. He usually kills with bazooka, bad look or just breaks some necks. Even if he blows up something far away from his enemies they still die painfully with some ketchup on their faces. He also loved some turkish slut but I didn't qiute follow that part. His brothers in law are Chuck Norris and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Dude#1 - Omg Osama ben Laden is so evil!
Dude#2 - I hope the turkish Rambo will shoot his ass with his mini bazooka!

by sick_mind December 27, 2007
A spin off of Rambo done in the early 1990's for the gay and bi-sexual community with a emphasis on homosexual sex instead of fighting.
1: Hey did you see "Turkish Rambo" last night?

2: Hell yeah that action with Colonel Troutpants was HOT!
by Chilidogg May 19, 2008

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