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1. A character in “The Adventures of The Smart Patrol,” a 1995 computer game based on the nerdy punk band Devo. As described by the game's creators: "TurkeyMonkey is the hideous looking re-combinant DNA accident hatched at LFU. It has the head of a monkey and the body of a featherless turkey and navigates like a giant hummingbird on caffeine.”

2. A hypothetical cross-bred collegiate mascot. Quite possibly the best idea for a mascot ever. Proposed for--but not adopted by--Stanford University (whose current mascot is a tree), the University of Pennsylvania (currently the Quakers--seriously), and the University of Illinois (whose racist Indian mascot should not be referred to by name).

3. A dopey individual who--though hyperactive, vocal, and fixated on bananas--is also clumsy and prone to fits of retardation.
1. Yo, that chick was wack. She looked like a mutant TurkeyMonkey.

2. Go TurkeyMonkeys! Two, Four, Six, Eight, who do we appreciate? TurkeyMonkeys, TurkeyMonkeys, yeah TurkeyMonkeys!

3. Don't eat that, TurkeyMonkey! Shaving cream is for shaving, not breakfast.
by Ted Mann January 31, 2006
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