an unsightly, nauseating wobble of excess skin hanging from an elderly individuals white powdery neck in a comical fashion
brian wilson has a bad case of the turkey neck
by kathy with a k May 24, 2005
Top Definition
a turkey neck is simply when an elderly person (usualy female) has loose flab around her neck which tends to wobble when she/he moves. Often women of a certain age wear alot of turtle neck jumpers to cover their sagging necks.
"I get turned on by turkey necks, they're just so fun to slap about when we're making love."

by Master Dan McCabe January 03, 2004
The shaft of an old, wrinkled penis
That cunt refused to suck my turkeyneck, which was as purple as an iris
by The Phantom August 04, 2003
Basically your balls are mysteriously fixed to your penis in a web-like fashion
(Penoscrotal Web)
The patient had a history of an aggressive circumcision at birth. He has hair on the base of the penis that he shaved, upper scrotum attached to the base of penis and a penoscrotal web (turkey neck) of entire lower surface of penis to the glans (head) giving the appearance of a short penis and deformed scrotum.
by diy January 10, 2006
when you pull the penis over your hand and cover the head as to simulate the neck of a dead turkey, like you might purchase in a grocery store
Kyle whipped out his turkeyneck at the drunken social
by Shaggy Slam October 26, 2006
Derogatory term for a person, essentially calling him a limp dick, which is roughly what a turkey neck looks like.

Perhaps first popularized in the early 1960s by a pro wrestler called The Crusher. Memorialized in the 1964 novelty song by The Novas titled The Crusher , featuring lead vocals by the wrestler himself.
From the song: "Do The Crusher, you turkey necks, everybody's doing it."
by jawbone November 26, 2009
A guy's dick.
Sharon couldn't get enough of Ben's turkey neck on Thanksgiving.
by George Hayduke November 28, 2008
In a manner strikingly similar to Arabian Goggles, the strapping young lad whips out his genitalia and places his nutsack on the neck of a waiting female, with his dick facing up toward her chin. In this way, the delighted female's neck will resemble that of a turkey.
"Girl, I'm going to turkey-neck the shit out of you."

"Every day's Thanksgiving with a good old fashioned turkey-neck!"
by the drunken asshole April 11, 2010

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