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AKA "Hustlin Tom Turkey" A cybernetic turkey from the year 9595 that has come to rescue the great great great great great grandfather of Goblox the chicken destined to lead the rebelion against the master chickens. Turketron is a cybernetic turkey that was once in the form of The Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past From the Future. He was developed by rogue chicken scientists and is equiped with a laser guided sock (fires photon beam), soap (action unknown) and a toothbrush (used to combat plague planted by the Master Chickens). They are contained in a trash bag and makes him go crazy when you touch them. aqua teen hunger force he is featured in the episode "The".
Turketron is like the Terminator. (they are in cahoots!!!!111)
John Travolta (just the dancing part from that old disco movie)
Man you got moves like turketron ZZZZZOMG11111!!!!11112
I wish you were like turketron :"(
by ATHF Scholar August 27, 2006
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