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1. Joke about poop
2. Turd protruding because of intense need to defecate.
3. Gay guys erection.
4. Strait guys erection for anal sex.
5. Gay guy.
6. Long, hard, floating poop that doesn't flush down.
7. Large, oddly shaped black mans erection.
1. "No more telling turdboners at school Johnny"
2. Knock, knock, knock..."Hurry up in there, I got a turdboner skidmarkin' my undies!"
3. "When Serge bent over, Leroy got a turdboner"
4. "C'mon honey, it's been forever since last time...I'll take it easy...just the tip I promise...I've got a total turdboner tonight"
5. "Look at that turdboner in the pink skinny jeans"
6. "It took three flushes to get that turdboner down, and look at the marks it left in the toilet bowl!"
7. "OMG Tyrone's unit is so big, brown and bent, it looks like a turdboner"
by Jerexy Huxrich August 04, 2012
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