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A turd so large that it ends up poking its head above the water in a toilet. Similar to an iceberg, except found in much "shittier" locations.
"Wow, I just took a huge dump and there's a turd that's sticking partway above the water!" "Sounds like you just made a turdberg... fat chance you'll get that sucker to flush!"
by Brian Feldman November 15, 2005
A floating piece of human feces, with a density such that 8/9 of its volume is submerged underwater.
Mom: "Did lil' Parker go?"
Dad: "Yeah, there are like three turdbergs in here."
by DOOOD November 17, 2005
When ones poop piles up to the point it sticks out above the toilet water like an iceberg made of poop.
After taking a dump, husband yells out to his wife
"Honey, come check out this turdberg before I flush."
by Ipoopalot November 18, 2012
A coupon.
I love turdbergs! They save me so much money!
by Benjamin's Bacon November 02, 2010
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