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Yet another name for a Homosexual Male.
Chris is a turd pusher, therefore he sticks his penis up other mens' bottoms.
by darkfortune August 31, 2006
A small metal rod used to unclog a one-hitter, pinchy or bat. Named because of the way the brown resin comes out of the hole on the other end, resembling someone dropping a log.
Hand me the turd pusher, I can't even get a hit out of this fucker.
by theballer_04 January 14, 2011
Derogatory term used in Northern Ireland, referring to someone that 'pushes turds' or is not being sound to you
dirty joesays to johnty, 'you're a fuckin turd pusher you are boy!'
by scmick September 26, 2007
Irish in origin, noun related to turd burglar referring to an ankle grabber.
Jaymee was an ankle grabber, co Ciaran decided to do some turd pushing on him.
by Delicious Cherry Flavoured Snack December 10, 2004
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