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a term of slight annoyance with someone you like enough to call turd
Oi turd fucker, dont fart in my face!
by Rachel and Chris October 11, 2006
1. Person who is found to be generally undesirable or annoying.

2. Any one who proceeds in sexual activity with excrement. Turd (implying fecal matter) and fucker (one who fucks, engages in sexual intercourse) are combined to create a sense of one who procreates with dung.

3. Relates to one who proceeds in homosexual activity. Turd implies the leftover excrement in the anus of another man. When combined, turd and fucker translate into a word that means one who gives rather than recieves homosexual sphincter sex.
1. John pisses me off. What a turdfucker

2. John just stuck his phallus into Spunky's pile of feces. Must be a turdfucker.

3. John accepts anal penetration by Steve every week. Steve is theturd fucker.
by donutoblivion October 24, 2006
1) One who fucks turds, or;
2) A Homosexual, or fag
Marcus, you did him in the butt, you are a total turdfucker!!
by A-Boondock-Saint January 10, 2005
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