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when you go up to a high up place(a tree or building)and drop a whole lotta turd on a passerby
someone just dropped a turd bomb on me when i walked under their tree house
by emily is not here July 22, 2008
When you keep a picture of a turd you have taken or downloaded on your phone in order to bring up when someone sitting next to you in any event or location is looking at what you are doing on your phone. It's a shocking reminder that they should not be snooping, and they should mind their own business.
"Oh that's a picture of a Shit I took this morning... You've just been TURD BOMB(ED) i thought since you where so interested in what I was doing on my phone you would be happy to know that I am also regular
by Louie!!!!! August 16, 2013
1. A bomb of turd
2. Large feces in a toilet
3. A person who is a slacker (and/or) an asshole
1. guy_1: Whoa! What's that in the sky? A turd bomb?
guy_2: Yes, a turd bomb!

2. guy_1: Who the hell left this turd bomb in the toilet?!

3. guy_1: Look at that turd bomb sitting on the bench...
guy_2: He cursed me out; he's an ass...turd bomb
by iMilk=♥ January 17, 2009
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