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a dumbass that accidently shot himself in the hand with a staple gun.
you remind me of tuong you dumbass.
by wonton June 19, 2004
19 38
The sexiest Asian ever, funny as fuck, and wants to fuck maddie or mikenna
damn that girl is almost as sexy as tuong
by labuthole April 08, 2011
23 7
the most amazing man alive. he's caring, gorgeous, giving, and has a heart of gold. has most amazing body and drives me crazy. makes the most incredible love. hot, damn sexy.
my tuong, i love you
by mtina February 04, 2010
27 12
A man going through a mid-life crisis who is remedying it by going to raves, taking drugs, and making out with women who aren't his girlfriend. He also over estimates his will power and breaks his promises.
That Tuong is a party animal who needs intervention.
by exgirlf September 08, 2011
3 14