It is one of the best towns ever. There is ever so much to do like go to the dietrich theater, or go to twigs restraunt. we have many pizza places, (over 3!)
also we have many great festivals, such as founders day, and christmas in our home town!
tunkhannock, the greatest place on earth
by john, the freshman September 23, 2007
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the gayest little town ever thats full of either stuck up bitches and and conceited whores or scumbag curry rat druggies. about 5% of the town are actually normal people that dont like either of the other catagories.

curry donuts is usually a nice little donut shop, unless your in tunkhannock, then its a different story.

ahh, i hate tunkhannock.
A small northeastern village, know commonly for its: tramps, Wal-Mart, Curry doughnut druggies and most importantly known for its country renown cellphone sexting scandal.
Can be used as a verb.
I am gonna do a Tunkhannock on my cellphone tonight.
Look at those shady Tunkhannians.
You think our place is bad, at least it's not Tunkhannock.
Look at that Tunkhannock tramp.
by Black Perl April 02, 2010
Directly south of the greatest town ever, Montrose. With it's rolling hills of garbage and lovely burgerking, it is said to be one of the top ten places to see before you die. Tunkhannock is also said to have the most lovely walmart in the Northeast. I've heard that people from Tunkhannock are stupid hicks and I've got to say, I haven't been proven wrong. Every human being I have encountered has ran away from me in fear that I might nab one of their many inbred children. Tunkhannock is like a Panda, it's beautiful but stay the hell away if you plan on living. One thing to all you Tunkhannockians, stay south of Springville you jaggaloons.
Guy1: I'm heading down to Dallas.
Guy2: Which way are you going?
Guy1: Down 29.
Guy2: Noo, that means you're going to have to pass through tunkhannock
Guy1: Oh yeah, I forgot. That was a close one. I guess I'll take the long way around, I don't want to leave with an inbred daughter.
Guy2: Yeah, that's exactly what happens when you pass through's beautiful though and it's walmart is lovely.
by trustmyname67 March 12, 2009
People in tunkannock are stupid
The people in tunkhannock are stupid and can't tell the difference between a horse and a donkey.
by Duscan Mandic November 28, 2007

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