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a person who likes to rest big black and or mexican penis on his or her forehead in a sexual manner so that the genitals are resting in the man or womans eye pockets, in some cases if a smaller penis the word tinka is applied, usually used as an insult word
That kid Dylan is the biggest tunka ive ever rested my shlong on.
by dylan June 19, 2006
Singular of Tukus, a slang for the derriere
Look at all the junk in the Tunka
by wetrockintheriver April 16, 2013
The vomit inducing slang term for a vagina, which more often then not, produces a disturbing visual image of a filthy, foul smelling open gash which is frequently seeping a fishy smelling discharge thats odor is so terribly pungent, that only ammonia can barely mask (but HAS NEVER BEEN REPORTED TO COVER ENTIRELY) from those who are unfortunate enough to be caught in its presence of pestilence. It has been said , that only Dawson's Creek brand scented mood candles can SORTA mix with the putrid odor, but there is no possible way to mask or eliminate the odor COMPLETELY.
Crisp's torn up and two toned tattered looking tunka was so ripe this morning, that the dog wouldn't even come within five feet of Crisps torso... This proves, finally, that Crisp and his attempt at turning his once Jewy, trimmed and toned tortilla colored penis into a legitimate ass/pussy (as if such a thing could ever actually exist, manufactured or not) will always just create more stomach sickness and cookie tossing than his deformed penis EVER could...... Well played Crispy Tunka, well played. You've proven to me that you're the worthy adversary you'd always promised to be.
So, Tooda-fucking-Ioo, you terrible, tight yet taught, torn up and turned out, looking TUNKA Taxidermists....
Until next time, TurtleTina, TealShell Terry, and Tamara Thick Flaps. Please give my best to Theodore TigerTaint, and I'll See you on the other side, you Tunka Tucking Tattle Tales. You guys make me sick....but in only a way a Tunka can make you sick....
by The Butcher of Barstow, Bro! October 24, 2014

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