1. Worthless gibberish; mass of words. 2. Random words, lyrics, poetry, etc. that have nothing to do with the current topic.
1. "Yasoidfu asdfjkdf," he said. "What kind of TUNESKY is that?!" I replied. 2. "So where are you having lunch today?" "You are like mashed potatoes dipped in seawater," she replied.
by Megan_Meggy June 10, 2006
Top Definition
Derived from words "tune" and "skie," means the exact same thing as "tunes." That is, music. See also, tuneskers.
"Yo, Katy, put on some jumpalumpin' tuneskies."
by Theo April 04, 2005
Another word for "tunes", was used in the simpsons by bart once.
"hey turn on the fuckin tuneskies! woooo"
by liam the cool October 14, 2007
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