A tune which is found to be amzingly good. One which if gets changed could possibly place someone life at risk.
Chris: OH MY DAYZ !!! this si tunedem !!
David: Nah, are you a fucking tard, im changing this shazz.
Chris: If you do that you run the risk of getting shanked.

*David shuts his mouth and leaves the song. While Chris bops his head to the heavy rhythm*
by Ling-Dizzle December 14, 2007
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A word used to describe a song, which in your eyes is one amazing song. Can also be used in the plural form by just saying the word louder and slighly squeekier, used to express an album which is heavy.
*build me up buttercup comes on the radio*

John: oh my dayzzz, this is such a tunedem !!
Joe: Concurred brethrun
by CRK December 23, 2007

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