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A gastrointestinal condition in humans or animals that has an onset in symptoms usually 30 minutes - 1 hour after consuming. Symptoms are usually worse in animals. These symptoms for humans contain but aren't limited to: Excessive bloating, extremely foul smelling gas, gargle sounds in the small intestines, frequent gas build up, gas air temp noticeably higher and many others. These gas episodes are to not be taken lightly and one should not release these indoors by any means. If you or someone you know finds themselves even remotely close to a tuna fart, please remove yourself to fresh air immediately. If caught inside, oxygen might be needed to counteract the severity of the gas and/or bring back an asphyxiated individual.
"Holy shit that guy is rolling around like he got kicked in the face with a steel toe boot!"... "Naw, he probably just smelled a tuna fart."
by Ophious July 18, 2014

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