-male porksword that looks like a piece of dead meat
-easy way to get away with saying "penic" without getting in trouble
- a word made up while eating burritos and googling shit
-an especially special word made up my Savannah =]
Kelsey: Wanna see Pete Wentz's dick?
Savannah: Sure
Savannah: WTF, is that a tumor??!?!?!
by SavannahSuicide June 12, 2008
Karate choping someone randomly in any part of the body and shouting "tumor" and after they ask why you just "tumored" them you tell them they are going to get a tumor wher you just "tumored" them.
Alex karate chops Will in the arm. Will says "what the hell was that?"

Alex replies " I just "tumored" you!"

Will replies "what does that mean?"

Alex says "your going to get a tumor on your arm

Will replies though his tears " I don't want a tumor !"

True story.
by Alex Hof January 22, 2008
a clingy person; shadow
we'd go to the club if you could get rid of that tumor of a girl
by nappyafrochik April 06, 2003
A general exclamation of emotion. Accompanied by the word "squeal" for more emphasis.
I just got a PlayStation 2? Tumor! Tumor squeal!
by Hand Hanzo December 21, 2004
peter s .
peter .
by yo chang June 10, 2004

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