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verb: to consume to oblivion; to eradicate by mouth (past tense: tummied)
Honey, way to tummy that tamale.
Jo-Jo tummied that pizza. I didn't get any.
by Michael Grant April 25, 2008
53 51
A cuter word for stomache...mostly used to call a babies stomache or your significant other.
Aww...wook at the cute little tummy!!!
by Scandalicious (Jo-Dee) April 30, 2003
221 64
a term only used to describe the stomach whan it hurts (usually followed by the word ache)
i have a tummy ache
by Ben October 08, 2003
104 80
that delicious curve below a woman's navel
Her tummy really turns me on since she started wearing low-cut briefs and no belt
by John R. December 09, 2003
100 84
A cutesy name for food, usually of the snack variety, but could also refer to a meal or a drink.
"I'm so hungry I want to put all these tummies in my tummy."
by Rayyyy September 17, 2008
3 19
abbreviation for the word tumultuous meaning excited or wild. usually used to make others angry when they don't understand why you are replacing the word 'stoked' with 'tummy'.
"i'm so tummy for the party friday!"
by sandrawithoutthes. November 19, 2007
17 84
Somthing you call a fag prep.
Look at that tummy ass bitch!
by Nestea Roxorz November 20, 2004
27 118