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The act of being on tumblr for hours and hours.
I was tumblring so hard last night I forgot to sleep but it's okay because I dipdyed my hair and got an american flag tank and combat boots, I'm a hipster now!
by wannabehipstah January 18, 2011
39 11
What cool people do.
Im Tumblring. Right now.
by Yoooooooooooooooooooo. September 26, 2010
29 7
1. To look blog from blog on Tumblr because of sheer boredom.
2. Going on Tumblr just to look at funny picture or posts.
Tony - What are you doing?
Ebs - On Tumblr
Tony - Oh you mean you're Tumblring?
Ebs - Yup!
by Rekarnated May 19, 2010
30 14
Massively overstating how entertained you are in the form of either dying, crying, or noting the point in the universe where your sides reside.
"oh my god i'm dying from laughter" "no you're not, fucking liar." "no dude, i'm serial. My sides are this ( |<-------------------->| ) far apart!" "stop tumblring, bro."
by ze/zy/zo/zum November 11, 2013
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Basically the act of being on tumblr until 4am on a school night
"Why is Clare so tired?"
"She was up all night tumblring"
by Society-Killed-Me June 18, 2014
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