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A random grouping and usually tangled mass of fake hair, which is generally the result of someones weave being pulled out in a fight, that tumbles down the street similar to a tumbleweed.
Man, you see that tumbleweave rollin' down the street?

Yea, and it looks like we could use it to fix Shaqonda's hair!
by chronosis May 28, 2005
When two girls get into a fight and rip out each others' weave, leaving the clumps behind such that they blow around in the wind. Reminiscent of tumbleweed, hence the name. Oftentimes a trail of tumbleweave leads to the scene of the epic battle.
After Shaniqua and Tequesta fought viciously over Tyrone, red and black tumbleweave littered the ground.
by XxXsexxxehBabehGanstugTyroneXx January 06, 2009
Strictly city/urban: A ratty ball of fake hair extention (commonly referred to as "weave") that has been roaming the streets since it liberated itself from someones, ahem, "hair."

Usually it has picked up other debris in it's tangled mess, adding to it's charm.
After seeing something skittering along out of the corner of your eye:

"Shit! I thought that was a rat. Just tumbleweave."
by chanliteheart April 08, 2010
Noun. A chunk of weave found laying on the ground, possibly torn out during a fight or perhaps just pulled out and left by a lazy bag. Synthetic (sometimes real) ball of human hair.
"Beware the rolling tumble weaves."
by SuperDuckyWho June 03, 2013
A hair weave that blows down a city street like a tumbleweed.
a wind-blown hair weave tumbling down a city street, hence a tumbleweave
by Noratorious September 18, 2010
noun. the sighting of a discarded weave clump often seen in urban-ghetto environments rolling down the sidewalk. Occasionally, if the weave is truley synthetic, it will collect other ghetto debris, such as empty drug bags and bravo nacho bags.
Man, it's hard times walking on Ocean Avenue, always got to look out for those tumbleweaves.
by xhoodsx September 22, 2011
Clumps and/or balls of hair rolling down urban neighborhood sidewalks. Most commonly found near afro-american hair-braiding shops and on breezy days.
I was walking down W 127th street and a giant Tumbleweave came rolling past me.
by chriskirkchardy July 21, 2011
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