The phenomenon when a woman brushes her hair and the hair stays in the brush like matted fiberous ball of straw, falls on the floor and has incubated for an extended period of time and then the AC kicks on and blows that sucker across the room like a giant tumble weed.

aka human-hair-ball.
Girl- don't be brushin your hair in my room, I don't need no damn tumble weaves on my floor blowin around.
by Keith & Marilyn October 24, 2007
Noun, A wad of cheap tracks that tumbles aimlessly around by the draft.
"Crayolaneisha's tumbleweave crossed my path on the way to 4th period today. She ratchet!"
by kenz090 October 13, 2013
A Tumbleweave is a clump of artificial hair, typically found in hair extensions, that has somehow been forcibly removed from the wearer's head. The clump of hair becomes a Tumbleweave when it is discarded and free to blow around in the wind, like it's namesake, the Tumbleweed.
These can typically be found in parking lots, fairgrounds and live concerts.
Girl, you got a tumbleweave stuck on your shoe...was that yours?
by thetattooist November 10, 2010
a ratty piece of fake hair used for extensions, usually found near copious braiding salons in urban areas, that break off from the roots at the end of the growing season and are rolled about by the wind. They often times encompass other street paraphernalia including leaves, cigarette butts and chicken bones.
Damn, did you see that tumbleweave!? I think I saw a used condom and a half-smoked pimp. See if you can catch up to it, I'm jonesing for a menthol.
by l3ddy February 10, 2010
A tightly-bound mass of fake and/or real hair and trash that closely resembles a tumble weed.
Only in the ghetto will you find tumbleweave.
by Buggaboosnowbunny January 17, 2014
A large clump of hair (Sometimes synthentic) found rolling in the street after being snatched from someones head. Most commonly found in urban areas.
"Oh Girl! I saw the jankiest tumbleweave rollin' down Polk Street today!"
by Missy Misserton August 20, 2009
When you brush out your weave and the wind is blowing, balling up the hair resembling a tumbleweed.
Girl, I just saw your tumbleweave roll by!
by Keith Tapper April 18, 2011
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