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The coolest way to speak of tumblr so nobody knows what you're really saying.

cuz we don't want it to be MAINSTREAM lolz.
I just tumbled.
by Erin Griddle February 21, 2011
16 19
To comprehend the meaning of another slang expression.
When he said "rat fink" I didn't tumble.
by Dan November 20, 2003
13 28
1.The bear named tumble who follows us around in his airspeeder. 2.Something the bear named tumble does. 3.A tumble roll.
At that, tumble the bear did a tumble roll
by Cpt. NMV June 07, 2003
7 24
Marilisa's leopard
Where is tumble?
by Z-Wing May 12, 2004
6 32