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A Sanskrit word used to refer to a practice in Tibetan Buddhism, in which the practitioner creates a sentient being through the power of thought. 'Thoughtform' is a rough English equivalent. Has experienced a revival of sorts in recent years, originally centered around 4chan's paranormal board (/x/), before shifting to the My Little Pony board (/mlp/), and later various independent websites (primarily
I can't think of a good way to use tulpa in a sentence.
by CaptFlushing August 01, 2012
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Brony term for imaginary friend.
"I whip out my dick and put it in her vagoo for my Applejack tulpa!"
by Jacal July 18, 2012
A vein on the penis that has become enlarged and/or darkened so that it has become obvious and unnatural.
That cock ring was way too small, every vein on my dick was a full-on tulpa.
by Master McMaster July 10, 2011

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