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A combination of the world tickle, and ruffle used to indicate the action of rubbing testicles gently with your fingers.
Matt tuffled Steve's balls after he told him he would be his friend.
by incubeous February 21, 2008
a word that was something sensible and boring.
made fun by olly.
"they had i fight on the tuffle"

"oi m8 did u lube up the tuffle?"


"what the fuck is tuffle?"
To gently run fingers playfully through a person's hair.
She tuffled my hair affectionately before kissing me goodnight.
by Susan Willow June 05, 2007
A soft touching of the hair on the head.
I tuffled my girlfriends hair after she said "Matt Powell".
by John T. Nelson June 20, 2007
A Cute little MuFFiN
Awww!! Look at the baby TuFFle. What a cute MuFFiN!!
by PRinCEss MuFFiN July 30, 2006

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