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Quite possibly the coolest person in the world. He has it all: good looks, master guitar playing abilities, super ninja fighting style and he gets all the babes. Simply put: he's better than you.
Dammit, Tuckett is getting all the babes using his super ninja guitar playing skills. I wish I was like him
by Nathan Ting June 14, 2004
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The act of tucking ones erect penis upwards into his shorts pointing towards his belly button. good for hiding the hard-on in awkward situations. Named after an australian teenager.
Will: Dam i could'nt get off the bus today coz i had a boner!
John: Fuck man u should just done a Tuckett!
#bona #boner #hidy boner #hiding the bone #hidy-bone
by macktastic J-Shizzle October 14, 2007
Ginger pubed freak, that enjoys taking advantage over Fuglies when they are passed out.
takin advantage = being fucked by pogs.
Tuckett was being a tuckett at new years eve party.
by Kerry Clyde. March 25, 2003
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