A person who thinks they are really hardcore, however they are in fact a little bitch especially when around a girlfriend
Fuck Tucker Tucker sucks
by Brice The Magician February 07, 2006
the most ugliest douchebag you wil ever meet. he is a rapist and you should never talk to him. he has a huge mole on his face and its ugly. he wears stupid clothes and shoes and cries at night. he will stalk you with his best bud andrew even tho andrew doesnt really like him. BEWARE OF THIS FAG!
JADE: that fag raped someone last night again.

MIRANDA: that guy is such a tucker.
by nick krejca May 24, 2009
stupid ugly mother fucker who looks like someone shit on his face and rubbed it on the road. And before that he already looked like a cave-man.
That man is a tucker!
by NOTtucker January 09, 2009
A person who usually crapps his pants and wasshes it off in the shower and sprays diarreah from his butthole
uhgg! What's that smell?

Tucker must be around
by portapoop367 October 12, 2008
a 'tucker' refers to a bowel movement so large it actually curls around the bowl of the toilet.
"Dude, I wouldn't use the bathroom if I were you. I have to flush three times to get that Tucker down!!'
by Matt156 June 15, 2008
The typical, horny, rebelling mormon.
Wow, Jesus frowns upon Tuckers; They have too much premarital sex.
by jiggafresh_j June 12, 2008
A resident of the town of Mattituck on Long Island. It is also the mascot of Mattituck high school. They spend their days picking corn and sucking at basketball.
"Dude, Stony Brook rolled the Tuckers by 35 points."
by Mavericklax4 March 27, 2007

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