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An extremely perverted Red vs Blue character in 'Teal' (it's actually aqua) whose catch phrase is "Bow Chicka Bow-Wow."

And for some reason never gets to use the sniper rifle.
Tucker: Man I hate that I never get the fucking sniper rifle!

Church: Oh yeah boo hoo, all you've got is your stupid awesome sword, I feel so sorry for you.

Tucker: Come on dude, just once. Let me use it, just one time, I won't ever ask again! Pleeeeeeeease? Pleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease.

Church: Can I use the sword?

Tucker: Oh hell yes!

Tex: Maybe if I can set up a hard line from the ship to the-

Tucker: (running out of base) Wait! Hold on! don't say anything!
(breaths heavily for a few seconds after reaching them)
I've got a hard line tex can use. Bow chicka bow wow!

Church: How did you even hear that?

Tucker: Phft. I'm like Superman. I know when I'm needed.
by TheRealCaboose July 11, 2009
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