Alias for someone posing as the "new kid" at a totally different school.
Tuckered Schools:
Manly Selective Campus (Enskie)
Balgowlah Boys High (Enskie, PhillyBaby)
someone who enjoys tucking their penis between their legs in hopes to create the appearance of a vagina from the front. However this causes the creation of a new genitalia, known as the 'goat' which is the tucked penis viewed from behind.
yo look at bubs, what a tucker

steve i just saw your goat
by hdubsone December 14, 2009
Somebody who tucks their Shirts into their Pants when it is unnessecary. It's plural form is "Tuckers".
My Wife: "Phhhfffuufhhhghhg...Look at that douchebag with the tucked in Garth Brooks Shirt"
Me: "Fuckin' Tucker"
by SOCIAL_ELITEIST December 26, 2008
A trendy female, typically, who tucks her skinny jeans into her boots.
Alternatively, a trendy male who tucks his skinny jeans behind the tongue of his (limited edition) Dunks.
205 Christie was packed with tuckers last night because one of the guys from Spank Rock was spinning.
by h+j February 21, 2007
a stupid, little retard douche bag that doesnt care about anyone but himself. hes a liar and he flirts with other girls even if he has a girlfriend. has a girl that considers him her best friend but in the end he'll just backstab her and delete her number from his contacts in his cell phone.
Tucker Scott Faust.
by badberly February 26, 2010
One who practices self imposed emasculation by tucking the male genetalia beween clenched thighs.
She knows he's a tucker and therefore wants nothing to do with him. Real women despise tuckers.
by Area Man 1 November 12, 2009
"Pulling a tucker" is used to refer to a male who chokes badly in picking up a chick that is severely intoxicated and way out of his league.
"Wow, that weird looking kid could have gotten on that hammered babe. Too bad he pulled a tucker real bad."
by Flintstone3 April 03, 2007
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