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A life-threatening and highly contagious lung infection that spreads and contaminates the respiratory system until it infects the blood system and is transported up the carotid artery. It then attacks the nervous system and causes the medulla oblongota to spontaneously implode. This leaves a black hole inside the skull.

The following people have died from tubercucancer:
~Leonardo Da Vinci,
~"Mikey" (from the LIFE commercials),
~Tom Landry,
~David Hasselhoff's career,
~Christopher Reeves,
~Anne Frank,
~DJ Jazzy Jeff,
~Kurt Cobain,
~Bob Ross,
~Helen Keller,
~Ricardo Montalban, &
~Right Said Fred
Example 1
Dad: "Hey...Your mom has tubercucancer."
Son: "Oh no! That's the worst kind."
Dad: "Yeah. You should probably come home."
Son: "Ok. But I think I infected her with it..."
Dad: "Then you probably shouldn't come home."

Example 2
Guy: "Dang it...My iTunes just broke. This is worse than the time my mom had tubercucancer."
Friend: "If only she were here now."
Other Friend: "SWEET! Ninja Warrior's on!"
by sc10 October 29, 2007
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