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A water bong, particularly one used to smoke marijuana.
You guys tryin' to rip a couple tubes after the mixer?
by mp9124 March 21, 2006
1. A round, cylindical object.

2. The London Underground.

3. Medical term for a totally unneccesary breast examination, usually applied to the person asking for it.
1. "Pass me a tube of loo-roll."

2. "I'll take the Tube to work this morning."

3. "Dr Marsh, we have a TUBE fo you in ward three. Enjoy!"
by Mr Ben February 08, 2005
big boobs
Guy 1 - Man did you see heidi today?

Guy 2 - Her tubes looked amazing.
by hahgsdjhfksdg September 09, 2011
My girl went to her OB/GYN doctor and he gave her a T.U.B.E.
by chillerz October 14, 2006
Tube - a sort of website that offers to watch and stream video online.
Ex. luxxxtube.net - a tube webstite that contains porn materials.
by luxbabes May 23, 2013
A bong.
Dude, can you buy my new tube for me?
by Cokeman170 February 03, 2009
Everyone knows tube means TV, but in modern day it has evolved into slang for watching YouTube.
Herb: "Yo let's go watch the Tube!"
Jimbo: "Awe man, were gonna be watching videos forever!"
Herb: "Dude, I just gotta show you this one video..."
Jimbo: ".........Fine."
by CaptainChronic421 September 29, 2011