That Tickled Me

That last forum post was funny, but only just
by Meshan July 13, 2009
A space saving abbreviation for To The Max.
Bob1. "Duuude that chick is so hot!"
Bob2. "Dayum her boobs are massive! TTM!"
Tight Team Mentality

When a group of youths would rather stay together in a gathering of 5 or less and do shisha and eat pizza while the rest of the team are having a blast.
Sumit: hey sagar do u wana go strip club with the lads?
Sagar: no dude i think ill stay in and play fifa with Oliver
Sumit: Your bare ttm
by Sumz September 27, 2009
Think too much.
I've been TTMing today.
by S&T July 16, 2008
TTM is an abreviation of 'To the max'. Meaning that it is at the maximum that it can be. It can be used alongside other words such as cba.
Person 1: Why aren't you doing anything?
Person 2: cba TTM.
by Paul O'R May 12, 2004
An acronym for "Through the Mail"
I sent out a baseball card and I got Ryne Sandberg's autograph TTM.
by Cool Breez January 05, 2005
Total thot move
Wow she blew 4 guys in one night, that's a #ttm.
by Bigdaddybilly November 13, 2014

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