Told/Tell To Fuck Off
That malingerer's here again. TTFO and get him/her out of my department.
by Dr.Badger_will_see_you_now April 18, 2007
Top Definition
tripping the fuck out (because of drugs)
o wow i love ttfo-ing
by EmahMA August 24, 2007
Time to fuck off
Its 5pm and its ttfo.
by assturkey November 23, 2009
trying to figure out
Ugh .. TTFO this complicated math problem
by copathetic May 19, 2014
Thrown The Fuck Out !
I was TTFOed from my last job. Originated in the wonderful world of Radio DJs and invented by a long time listener when inquiring as to what happened to so and so. "Oh, you mean he was TTFOed ?"
by HarveyW January 10, 2009
Tears Tears Fuck Off
Computer slang. Often used in Warcraft 3: the frozen throne.

Strictly it is two definitions in one: T_T (tears tears or crying fase) and Pls leave the game of pls shut up.
Used when somebody makes a mistake or something sad happens because some one is noobin'.
Example after a noob mistake:
"TTFO please leave"
by Davincy May 20, 2008

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