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Filipino (tagalog) word for cocksucking (or fellatio as Dr. Lecter would have it!). Tsumupa is the act of cocksucking.....Tsupaero is what you call a cocksucker!
Magaling tsumupa yan si Nene....nilabasan nga ako kaagad eh! (Nene is a good cocksucker, she always makes me cum in no time!)
by Kidlat Maingay! September 08, 2003
Filipino word for fellatio or cock sucking.
Tsupa ng tsupa yang si Nene kaya parating paos!
by Agaw-Armas August 29, 2003
Cebuano term for felattio. Generally used to describe the act of a male sucking another man's penis.
Tsupa-a ko be. (Please, blow me).
Nakatsupa na sad ka no? (You have a felation again?)
Gitsupa niya ang akong barkada. (He sucks my friend).
by motherfucking cockroach May 06, 2008
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