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I would just like to add that the pet Guniea Pig type thing also flies around on a magic carpet.

And also, despite Kirky's strange language, it is not a turbine as in a wind turbine, more of a turban ahaped turbine.
1. When Tuhhmmgrr and Gahboohiss just won't do, try Tskarghbah!

2. It it a bird? Is it a plane? Nu! It's TSKARGHBAH on his carpet!!
by Ali August 15, 2004
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Tskarghbah is a very mysterious character. He is Arabian, and flies around on a magic carpet wearing a turbine.

Due to recent photographic evidence, we now know that he has a pet Guinea Pig type thing.

Whether Tskarghbah is a genie, or a ghost, or just a very white Arabian man with no outline is unknown.
1. "Look! It's Tskarghbah!"

by Kirky August 05, 2004

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