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Literally, "Too slow; didn't load" Said whenever a website takes too long, for example by the slashdot effect of digg effect
Person A: Hey, did you see that funny cat video I told you about?
Person B: No, ts;dl. it just kept saying buffering
by adsfdsfgsfgd August 03, 2010

Acronym for "Too slow; didn't load." The phrase refers to online images and videos, such as GIFs, that load too slowly for a user's preference. It has two common uses:
a.) to communicate that an image or video took too long to load, and thus the content was not watched.

b.) to denote a description of an image or video, especially in cases such that the content will take a long time to load.

The phrase's first mainstream appearance occurred July 24, 2015 on the entertainment and news website Reddit. In the subreddit r/Showerthoughts, user u/NAMKNURD posted

"We need a new TL;DR. How about TS;DL (Too slow; didn't look) for those times when the picture or gif takes to damn long to load!"

In the comments section, user u/Xathic commented, "TS:DL = too slow, didn't load," further establishing the meaning of the acronym.

As u/NAMKNURD mentions in the post, TS;DL is an adaptation of the popular acronym TL;DR, meaning "too long; didn't read." It is used similarly to TS;DL, but it regards to text-based content. See tl;dr.

TS;DL is pronounced as "tease deal."
Wow, this GIF is taking way too long to load, so I'm not even going to watch it. TS;DL.

*In description of a video* TS;DL: An Australian man does an impression of a dog that attacked him and his wife.
by Orchewhale August 20, 2015
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