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Trystyn, a beautiful person with a huge heart. She is hilarious, caring, loving, and will always be there for you no matter what. Always has an uplifting spirit and is so gorgeous. Tiny waist with a fat ass. Envy of all the girls and the girl that all the guys want. The girl who you can tell anything to because she wont judge you because shes probably done things ten times worse. The girl you call to get out of truble but the girl who also calls you to get out of trouble. The daughter and sister who is loved unconditionally by her family and megors. An amazing writer but doesn't always know how to say she feelings and emotions out loud. Trystyn is irreplacable and no one could ever take her place.
Damn did you see that Trystyn today?
Yea, that ass was plump.
by Megors November 14, 2011
a hideous, huge japanese person
James: That japanese person is sure Trystyn isn't he.

Dal-hal: Sure is. Suuuure is.
by John Sparks June 23, 2008

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